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G5 ProPower Professional Handheld Massager, G5-ProPower
G5 ProPower Professional Handheld Massager, G5-ProPower
G5 ProPower Professional Handheld Massager, G5-ProPower
Item Code : G5-ProPower
Regular price : $642.00
SALE PRICE : $545.00
Manufacturer : General Physiotherapy, Inc
Availability : Usually ships in 5-7 business days.
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Product Description
Whether you exercise or work hard, the G5® Pro-Power® Massager can be used to enhance your flexibility, increase your range of motion, and reduce your risk of muscle strains or swelling. The G5 Pro-Power Massager will also accelerate the healing process, reduce pain and swelling by flushing out the lactic acid buildup in your muscles.

Although it is hand-held, the G5 Pro-Power is designed and manufactured to the same high quality standards as the G5 wall/bench/pedestal mounted units we supply to physicians and therapists. Like other G5 massagers, Directional-Stroking® and Power Massage are standard in the Pro-Power. Directional-Stroking® is a rhythmic, gyratory stroking motion that produces deep, penetrating forces that act both parallel and perpendicular the body. The deep-penetrating gyratory forces over-stimulate nerve endings, allowing contracted muscles and muscles in spasm to relax. The Pro Power features a continuously variable speed range of 20 to 50 cycles per second.

The head of the G5 Pro-Power accepts all genuine G5 Brand massage applicators. The unit comes complete with the G5 Portable Professional Therapy applicator package (applicator numbers 216, 223, 227, 229, and 230, plus 50 disposable applicator covers).

The powerful motor, variable-speed control, and interchangeable applicators make the G5 Pro-Power one of the most versatile massagers on the market today and is beneficial to anyone who competes, works out, or is involved in strenuous work. Before an activity, use it to enhance flexibility, increase range-of-motion, and reduce the risk of muscle spasms, strains or contusions. After exertion, rely on the G5 Pro-Power Massager to accelerate the healing process, to reduce pain and swelling by flushing out lactic acid buildup in the muscles, and to relieve muscle pain caused by work and stress. Excellent for the relief of, repair of, and resistance to repetitive motion disorders. (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, etc).

Hand-held Massager:
15 to 55 CPS, foam handle grip, high-impact housing. Ideal for intermittent use. Features
  • Portable: only 12" long
  • Lightweight: weighs only 3 lbs.
  • Hand-held device with a soft rubber grip
  • Variable speed control: 20 - 50 cycles per second

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